Logo & Visual Identity​​​​​​​
Helperbot, inc.
For an upcoming musical that deals with artificial intelligence, we decided to structure a social campaign around a fictional robotics company called Helperbot. Think Westworld meets Apple meets K-Pop.
In order to reflect certain elements of the show, we felt it important to incorporate a firefly, record player, and a plant.
Keywords: Modern / Symbolic / Clean / Innovative / Fresh / Growth
white [icon badge]
white [icon]
rainbow [icon badge]
[icon detail & breakdown]
rainbow [visual identity]
pink/white [visual identity]
stacked [logo comp #1]
leaves [logo comp #2]
b-leave [logo comp #3]
hb [monogram comps]
eyes [loo comp #4]
cotton candy [lockup comp #1]
pink [lockup comp #2]
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