Key Art & Title Treatment​​​​​​​
between fire & smoke

After leaving his home and family to join a militant occupation in faraway Carthage National Park, Edom Donovan has finally returned to Eastern Falls. As the late summer heat breaks one-hundred degrees, Edom tries to set the record straight about what happened out in the wilderness, while his family struggles to pick up the pieces of a shattered past. Set in a 21st century city on the edge of America’s old West, Between Fire and Smoke is a play about possession, belonging, staying put, and moving along.
A Columbia MFA Thesis Production by Ed Wasserman, which played performances from April 18 - 21, 2018 at the The Pershing Square Signature Center in NYC.

Keywords: Western / Sun / Old vs. New / Tradition
poster [11x17]
window card [in-situ]
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